About Me

Something of A Dreamer—do you know that Mary Chapin Carpenter song? A friend of mine in high school said it reminded her of me. Which, albeit true, wasn’t exactly a compliment considering the lyrics pay homage to a girl so lost in the haze of romance that she doesn’t know true love.

But I do…I love, Love. (is that as cool as saying “I Love Lamp”?) And being dreamy. And cranking up some weepy slow dance music and curling up on the couch with a trashy romance novel.  And the good news is that most of the time I’m much wiser than I was in high school. So while I still love to tint my landscape with a nice, romantical haze every once and awhile, it also involves a lot of humor, honesty and humbleness. Not to mention an incredible amount of randomness that I feel necessary to share with the world.

So stick around and we can discuss intriguing world issues such as; why my neighbor walks his dogs without a shirt on, but wearing a beanie. Or, how many people I’ve seen fall off the treadmill while running (including myself). And then later we’ll gush about Nora Roberts and slow dance.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I don’t know all the songs or the albums, but I know good writing. I also know this girl. I like good writing and I love this girl.

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